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Fatuma Musa Afrah

Fatuma Musa Afrah

Activist, Speaker, Consultant

Award winning activist. Born in Somalia, raised in Kenya, active in Germany.

Fatuma Musa Afrah lives for unity. Wherever newcomers and hosts meet and communities change, she can help. Her focus is women empowerment, community inclusion and integration. Most of her work takes place in Berlin, Brandenburg, Somalia and Kenya.

Fatuma came to Germany in mid-2014. By now, her story and personal insight has made her an important advisor for German and European politicians and civil society. With the support of Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Fatuma is currently founding her own organisation: United Action e.V.

Speeches & Workshops

Fatuma has presented her cause in keynotes and talks from Chaos Computer Club to the Council of Europe, from IPI's Vienna Seminar to both Saxony and Brandenburg State Ministries of Social Affairs.

Workshops all over Europe bring Fatuma's message to life. She continues to work with Caritas, AWO, Paritätischer Gesamtverband, Frauenhaus­koordinierung e.V. and others.

Campaigns & Consultancy

Both locally and internationally, Fatuma supports empowerment and integration campaigns. Most recently, she has been featured in the City of Berlin's campaign Farben bekennen.

Fatuma gladly shares her insights and gives advice. She has worked with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe in Mogadishu, and with German Members of Parliament Claudia Roth, Florian Pronold and Gabriela Heinrich, amongst others.

Talk and panel discussion at IPI's 2017 Vienna Seminar

Talk and panel discussion at IPI's 2017 Vienna Seminar

United Action Somali Community Introduction

United Action Somali Community Introduction


Fatuma can be reached here:


Fatuma Musa Afrah

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